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Follow Me, Jesus said, and I will...

I remember vividly our first few years in Peru. In the year 2013 we began immediately serving in a bilingual Christian school where I could easily teach in my native tongue. It's easy to remember my first visit Cerro Azul, it was the same year that we arrived, eager to serve in whatever capacity God laid before us. In this little fishing village, I watched men mending their nets by day in order to launch prepared for the night. I recall walking the streets meeting people and praying with a local pastor, who had a new work himself in a different village, for a church to be planted here. At the time, we weren't prepared for what the Lord was going to do.

During the world pandemic 2020-2023, I was not permitted to enter the campus and teach at the Christian school campus due to personal choices we made. God has made one thing clear to me, one net in the water is worth two on the shore. This year I am allowed to return to teach Bible classes again, albeit with a reduced schedule, because I have now many ministries opened that were not open previously. We now evangelize every week in Cerro Azul, and the nets are not yet full. Following Jesus by faith is casting the net and drawing it in without breaking the net. He makes us fishers of men. "Faithful is he that calleth you, who also will do it".

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