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Antioquia Charla 9/19/18

Updated: Oct 12, 2018

A Charla is a "short chat", what we would call a devotional, if it is spiritually based. The Charla last week was on self-control. In the secular schools I am in each Wednesday, I have unusual freedom and am encouraged to give biblical advice and use select passages from the Bible. I used a balloon to illustrate how tension (aka pressure) builds up to a breaking point and how to control what is in us. I released a little air of a second balloon I had, giving a squeaky complaining "voice" to my balloon, illustrating, "The lips of the righteous know what is acceptable: but the mouth of the wicked speaketh frowardness." Proverbs 10:32 . Obviously I am speaking to people who do not have Spirit control over them. This is evangelistic from my perspective, but more of a 'civics class' as far as they are concerned. Each charla gives the students a little more knowledge of who God is and man's relationship to God, not just man's relationship to each other. Tomorrow one of our science teachers from LMCS is accompanying us to give a charla on sexual purity. As an attempt to instill morals and purity, and because the government mandates all nationally run schools tackle the issue to the best of their ability, the administrator of the school has requested us to address a growing problem in Antioquia from a Christian worldview. I'm grateful that we are entrusted to deliver a proper, biblically based message, and not leaving an opportunity for a Humanist to come in to pacify them with a global agenda.

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